Course Material and Assignments


Course Material

Test IV: Publicity Project (Due exam period)

Publicity Project Evaluation Sheet
News Release Basic Design Template
News Release Rules
News Release Classic Mistakes
More "Boilerplate" wording examples: 1 2 3
Fact Sheet Tips
Pitch Letter Tips
Pitch Email Subject Line
Radio Commercial Script (Pittsburgh)
Publicity Project/Media Kit Example: Patrick Harwood's Dec. 3 Book Signing
Five Parts: Pitch Letter News Release Fact Sheet Flyer/Print Ad Radio Spot/CX
"Boilerplate" Examples page 1 page 2
CofC Student Clubs and Organizations
Free Music Website (PacDV)
Free Music Website (incompetech.com)
News Release Basic Design Template
Chapter 19, "The News Media and PR Practitioners"
Adopt-A-Street News Release and Radio Commercial
Chapter 18, "Writing for Broadcast"
Rewrite to Broadcast Style Exercise
Audio News Releases Alex Laurah
Sample TV News Package Script (Civil War re-enactment)
Sample Radio News Scripts: Reader and Reader with Sound
Summary of Key Differences Between Broadcast and Print Writing
Mepkin Abbey Article


Test III Guidelines: Articles Due Monday, April 9
Newspaper/Newsletter Template
Constant Contact E-Newsletters Website
Marijuana Arrests
Police Chief Advance Article
Police Chief Follow Article
Friday, March 30: CofC Alumna Ronnie Dahl- Fox 2 Detriot Reporter

Chapter 16, "Public Affairs Reporting"
Hollis France Profile (Post and Courier)
Seth Siegler Business Feature (Post and Courier)
Chapter 14, "Specialized Types of Stories" and Chapter 15, "Features"
Post-Courier Coverage of Roemer and Huntsman Campus Speeches\
Chief Justice Roberts Speaks in Charleston GSO Post and Courier
Chapter 13, "Speeches and Meetings"


Test II Study Guide: Test is Friday, March 23
(Writing part is Wednesday, March 21)

Chapter 11, "Interviews"
Injured Bicyclist Vows To Get Back In The Saddle Article
Officer Vacanti "Close Call" Article
Cab Driver Recalls Shooting Article
Chapter 10 Page 266 Quotation/Attribution Rewrites
Bridge Blocker Interview Article
Man Arrested Multiple Charges (arrest report example)
Sanford House Article (examples of "orphan" quotes)
Chapter 10, "Quotations and Attribution"
Chapter 9 Drug Testing Proposal Article
News Article Format Example
Inverted Pyramid Style Examples: False Report? Sports Anchor Suspended (Danika)
"Focus" Style Article (SC Grads Staying Home)
Focus Style Article (Car Sales Revving Up)
Chapter 9, "The Body of a News Story"
Alternative Leads Evaluation (p. 194-5)
Basic and Alternative Leads (2) Page 196-7
Alternative Leads (5) Page 200+
Chapter 8, "Alternative Leads"
Mepkin Abbey Article
Basic News Leads- Reminders
Chapter 7 Leads- p. 173-174
Chapter 7, Evaluating Leads- p. 163 page 2 (Critiques)
Evaluating Leads-page 163 (originals)
Leads- Page 169+
Leads- Page 164+
Chapter 7, "Basic News Leads"
S.C. Moves to Restrict Freedom of Information Act