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Professor Marian Mazzone
(pictured in the Ukraine)


Art Historian Brings International Perspective
By Daniel Bussell

Appreciation of the creative, expressive power of art is not subject to the boundaries imposed upon us by geography or country of origin.

Art history professor Marian Mazzone knows this first hand as a result of her widely varied experiences in the pursuit of artistic excellence. She has traveled extensively, taught in foreign countries and made her mark in the scholarly pursuit of artistic criticism. Her experiences are as varied as the works of art she finds inspiring.

Mazzone's main artistic interests include Eastern European Contemporary Art as well as the occasional exhibition of world renowned artists such as Yu Hong.

Originally Ohio, Mazzone received her doctorate from Ohio State University.

Her master's is from the University of Arizona, and her bachelor's is from Miami University of Ohio.

She worked in the curatorial department at The Columbus Museum of Art. Her teaching experience began at Columbus College of Art & Design where she taught history to studio art students. After her experiences in Ohio she chose an adventuresome path through Eastern Europe.

A Fulbright Scholar enabled Mazzone to study and teach in Kiev, Ukraine. "I studied contemporary Hungarian, Czechoslovakian, Yugoslavian and Romanian art while I was in Europe," Mazzone said, "and I also went to school in Prague for art history."

At the College of Charleston Mazzone teaches classes in Research and Methods in Art History, 20th Century European Art, as well as several Special Topics courses. These special topics offerings encompass her broad appreciation of the creative experience and cover Eastern European Contemporary Art and Gender Issues in Contemporary art.

Mazzone is a distinguished artistic scholar, with her work published in several art journals both here and abroad. Known in Charleston not only for her contribution to the Spoleto Festival and her varied teaching schedule here at the College but also her advisory role at the Redux Contemporary Art Center, Mazzone sits on the board of directors for the art center where both beginning and experienced artists are given a chance, and space, to produce their works. Her contributions to the furthering of artistic expression go far beyond teaching or advising.

Mazzone has curated exhibitions at Charleston's Spoleto Festival and the College of Charleston's Halsey Gallery. The exhibition she seemed most proud of was by Yu Hong. Yu Hong is a contemporary Chinese artist whose work expresses the poetry of everyday life. The Halsey Gallery Yu Hong exhibit was an impressive exhibition which had toured extensively world wide.

In addition to her already notable achievements, Mazzone speaks publicly on special topics in art history, one of them being "The Human Comedy: Portraits by Red Grooms." In addition, she is a published author in respected artistic journals both here. Her most widely known piece was on Vlasta Delimar, an artist from Zagreb, Croatia, who primarily deals with the body as well as human sexuality.

When asked to name a significant, or favorite, piece of art she has seen either here or abroad, Mazzone responded, "I have purchased some art while I have been here but I hesitate to name any one piece as a favorite," Dr. Mazzone is clearly one who believes in the powerful force of creative expression, however it may turn out when expressed through art.

Dr. Mazzone's contributions to art are far reaching and inspiring to those of us who have yet to travel and experience what the world has to offer. Her
achievements and expertise expressed all over the world are testaments to the vast opportunities offered by the varied human experience.