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Professor Steve Rosenberg

The Traveling Musician
By Kristen Gause

Dr. Steve Rosenberg, longtime chair of the Department of Music, is not only a professor of early music at the College of Charleston, but also an accomplished musician himself, one with both a national and international reputation as a player and performer of Renaissance instruments and music.

Born in New York City, he resided for eight years and attended college in France, and honed his chops playing in the musical group, Les Menestriers. As a player of the recorder, ancient wind instruments, and the renaissance guitar,

Rosenberg is a well-rounded musician, and among a handful of experts in this field around the world.

After traveling the world, performing on all the continents, and residing in New Zealand for five years, Rosenberg arrived in Charleston, S.C. years ago to teach at the College.

"I wanted to teach ancient music, and I couldn't think of any better place in the world with such a long history that would suit me better than to teach here,"says Rosenberg when asked why Charleston was his choice of all the places in the world to teach.

When not teaching here in the Holy City, Rosenberg continues to travel and perform. During most summers he travels back to France to do concerts. He also founded and directs the musical group Brio Ensemble. Brio Ensemble has toured in Europe and South America. He also owns a home in Guatemala.

For years Rosenberg has been heavily involved in Charleston's world famous Spoleto Festival. His concerts of Early Music are very popular. Twenty-one times he has directed the early music concerts during Spoleto and five times he has performed in them.

He has also composed and arranged music, and his music has been featured in many films. His music has been featured in films in France that take place during the Middle Ages, and has also been featured in the French National Theatre.

Rosenberg has also won music awards, such as, the Grand Prix de Disque, which he received for the best recording of the year with his group Les Menestriers in France. He has also written 14 books of music, and helps to put on the Monday Night Concert Series at the College of Charleston.

When asked why he is so passionate about music, and what he feels the importance of his music is, Rosenberg simply replies, "I'm very fortunate to do what I love doing."

Rosenberg is equally passionate about teaching and influencing the students enrolled in his music courses at the College of Charleston. Even among students who do not plan to pursue music as their future career, "It's important to understand the creative process," he says. "Music courses at the college open the door for music that is not commercially available. It's important to understand the arts, and to be a well-rounded individual."